Orange County Truck Accident Lawyer

Orange county truck accident lawyer

A serious motor vehicle accident can happen anytime, but it is always significant if it involves a truck. Because of the sheer size of the vehicles involved, truck accidents have the potential to lead to serious injuries. An experienced truck accident attorney would be best to protect your rights and defend your interests.

At the Omofoma Law Firm, we will provide you with an experienced truck accident lawyer who can review your case and see if you are entitled to compensation.

Our Orange County truck accident attorneys are second to none, so call us today to schedule your free case consultation. Let us see if we can file a personal injury lawsuit or personal injury claim on your behalf and recover compensation.

Secure Legal Representation From an Orange County Truck Accident Lawyer

Secure legal representation

You might be wondering why you need to contact Orange County commercial truck accident lawyers to review your case. You might even think you can settle with the insurance company alone.

While you can do so, the insurance company will not give you the money you deserve. The insurance company wants to make as much profit as possible and avoid paying out claims.

At Omofoma Law Firm, we can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to ensure you receive all compensation to which you are entitled. Learn more about truck accidents in the local area below, and contact us to schedule a case consultation.

Truck Accident Facts and Statistics in Orange County

Even though it is difficult to find statistics for Orange County specifically, one website indicates that thousands of semi-truck accidents occur in California yearly, many of which result in fatalities. 

You must protect your rights, which means scheduling a free case consultation with our office.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Common causes of truck accidents

A truck accident might occur in Orange County for many reasons. Some of the most common causes of truck crashes include:

Alcohol and Drug Use

Sadly, alcohol and drug use still contribute to various motor vehicle accidents in the local area. Even though it is true that drunk driving rates have fallen significantly during the past few years, it is also true that alcohol and drugs can still lead to significant collisions.

If a truck driver is under drugs or alcohol, the chances of getting involved in a motor vehicle accident will increase significantly.

Distracted Drivers

Distracted drivers

Distracted driving is among the most common causes of motor vehicle accidents in the local area, including truck accidents. When people think about distracted driving, they usually think about cell phones, but distracted driving can also include radio stations, other passengers in the car, and food and beverages.

Driver Fatigue

There is an incentive for truck drivers to drive as long as possible because many of them get paid by the mile. At the same time, this means that many truck drivers are still behind the wheel when exhausted, and driver fatigue can be a major contributing factor to truck accidents in the local region.

We can look at your case to see if the truck driver was driving long after they should have been asleep.

Inadequate Training and Experience

Inadequate training and experience

Inadequate driver training and experience can also significantly contribute to motor vehicle accidents in the local area.

Driving a truck is nothing like driving a large car, and it is incumbent on trucking companies to make sure that all of their truck drivers have adequate training and experience before they are behind the wheel alone.

If the truck driver did not have adequate training, we could also hold the company responsible.


There is a weight limit, and tractor-trailers are not supposed to exceed that limit. If the truck carries too much cargo, it could significantly increase the chances of a motor vehicle accident. We can look at the truck's cargo and see if it was excessive.



Overtaking can also be a major contributing factor to truck accidents. It refers to the process of one vehicle passing another vehicle, and if a truck is getting passed on the road, it is incumbent on the truck driver to not speed up to prevent the other driver from passing them. If they do, it could contribute to a motor vehicle accident.

Poor Truck Maintenance

Truck companies are responsible for caring for their vehicles, and poor truck maintenance can also contribute to motor vehicle accidents.

For example, the transmission doesn't work right, or the brakes don't respond as they should. We can review the maintenance log and ensure the truck has been handled appropriately.



Of course, speeding is a major factor in almost every motor vehicle accident and can also contribute to truck accidents.

If the truck driver is speeding, it will take longer for the truck to come to a complete stop if it needs to take evasive action. It could end up contributing to a major motor vehicle accident.

Wide Turns

Finally, wide turns can also contribute to a truck crash. Trucks must make wide turns to ensure they do not clip any obstacles, people, or vehicles on the road.

If the truck does not take the turn wide enough, then it could lead to a significant motor vehicle collision.

Types of Semi-truck Accidents and Big Rig Crashes

Several common types of truck accidents could take place in the local area. Some of the most common examples of truck accidents include:

  • Truck Rollover: There is a chance that a large truck could roll over. A rollover accident is one of the most common types of truck accidents, and this takes place when the tractor-trailer and a cab end up on their side. It happens when the driver loses control of the vehicle.
  • Sideswipe Accident: A sideswipe accident is another common type of truck accident. This type of accident occurs when the side of a tractor-trailer contacts another truck or vehicle on the road.
  • Rear-End Collision: A rear-end collision occurs when a truck runs into the back of another vehicle. Because a truck is significantly larger than a sedan, it takes longer for a truck to come to a complete stop, which can increase the chances of a truck accident.
  • Head-On Collision: There is also a chance that a truck could be involved in a head-on collision. It happens when a truck strikes the front of another vehicle. It could happen if someone is going the wrong way.
  • T-Bone Accident: A T-bone accident involving a truck is the same as a car accident. The front of one vehicle strikes the side of another vehicle. If a truck is involved in an accident, it has the potential to be catastrophic.

Plenty of truck accidents could occur in the local area, and you need to make sure you reach out to a truck accident attorney who can review your case.

Common Truck Accident Injuries

Common truck accident injuries

There are a variety of truck accident injuries that could result from a collision. Some of the most common injuries that someone may suffer in a truck accident include the following:

  • Head Injuries: If you get injured in a truck accident, you could strike your head on the steering wheel, dashboard, or window. If that happens, you could be diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Some of the most common traumatic brain injuries include concussions, cerebral contusions, and brain bleeds.
  • Disc Herniation: You may also suffer a disc herniation in the back. Small discs separate your spinal column, and these discs have liquid in them. In a serious motor vehicle accident, one of these discs could rupture, leading to back pain.
  • Bone Fractures: You could also be diagnosed with a bone fracture in a truck accident. There are different types of bone fractures that you might suffer. Some of the most common examples include arm injuries, wrist injuries, hip fractures, and even broken legs. Some of these bone fractures could require emergency surgery, which could be expensive.
  • Neck Injuries: Neck injuries are also prevalent in motor vehicle accidents, including truck accidents. For example, you could suffer whiplash, or you could even suffer a stinger. You need to seek medical care as quickly as possible to ensure that any neck injuries you have suffered are appropriately treated.

Of course, there are plenty of injuries that you may suffer in a truck crash. You need to schedule an appointment with your doctor as quickly as possible to ensure all your injuries are treated.

We can review truck accident cases and pursue compensation from the driver or trucking company on your behalf.

Determining Fault in an Orange County Truck Accident

There are a variety of factors that will play a role in determining fault following an Orange County truck accident. The police officers will come to the scene, look at the rules of the road, and compare it to the evidence of the road.

If someone failed to yield the right of way, they could be blamed for the accident. If one driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they could be blamed for the accident.

The most important thing to remember is that blame following an accident is not finalized immediately. Contact us to schedule a case consultation if you feel you were inappropriately blamed for an accident. We can see if the blame was placed inappropriately.

What to Do After an Orange County Truck Accident

What to do after an truck accident

While you might be under a significant amount of stress following an Orange County truck collision, there are several steps you need to take.

Some of the most critical steps you need to follow after a truck accident include the following:

  • Call 911 as long as you can reach your phone safely.
  • If you can get out of the car safely, do so and move to a safe location.
  • Use your phone to take pictures and videos of the accident scene.
  • Make sure you are honest with the police officer about what happened from your perspective.
  • It would be best to see a doctor as quickly as possible to ensure your injuries are treated correctly.
  • Then, call us to schedule a free case consultation to see if you deserve compensation.

We would be honored to review your case and protect your rights. 

Damages You Can Claim From Your Orange County Truck Accident Case

We can recover several types of damages on your behalf following a truck accident in Orange County. Some of the most common types of damages include:

Economic Damages

We can pursue economic damages on your behalf. If you have incurred expenses due to a truck accident that was not your fault, you should not be responsible for the bills.

For example, we can pursue compensation to help you repair your car and cover your medical expenses.

Non-economic Damages

We can pursue non-economic damages on your behalf as well. You might not be able to put a dollar amount on these damages, but they are still worth compensation.

For example, we can ask for additional compensation if you have endured pain and suffering due to the accident.

Punitive Damages

Depending on the circumstances of the accident, we can pursue punitive damages as well. These damages are not available in every type of truck accident, but if the cases were particularly egregious, we could ask for punitive damages on your behalf.

Call the Experienced Orange County Truck Accident Attorneys at Omofoma Law Firm

Truck accident attorneys

If you get involved in a serious truck accident in Orange County, you must count on the Omofoma Law Firm to represent you.

We have significant experience representing clients of different backgrounds, and we would be honored to give you a free case consultation as well.

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