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Motorcycle Accidents

Motor Vehicle Collision Attorney Serving the Downey Area

Most motorcyclists will tell you that there is little more enjoyable than riding on the open road, whether for pleasure or as a means to go about your daily routine. Unfortunately, too many drivers of cars and trucks fail to pay attention behind the wheel, causing serious accidents to occur. When motorcyclists are involved, the injuries are often devastating because they are more exposed to the external elements. At Omofoma Law Firm, our Downey motorcycle accident lawyer understands what a rider experiences when they are involved in an accident. Our team of professionals will work diligently to investigate your claim and to ensure that your legal rights are asserted to the fullest extent possible. We have successfully handled many accident cases involving catastrophic injuries, recognizing that it is critical to ensure that a victim receives enough compensation to cope with the long-term or permanent impact of the accident.

Understanding the Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Even if you are the safest rider on the road, you can still fall victim to another driver's carelessness. One of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents is driver inattention. Far too many drivers use their cell phones or other electronic devices behind the wheel. Talking, texting, checking email, or surfing the web takes a driver's focus away from the road conditions, which can change in a matter of seconds. Since motorcycles are much smaller than passenger vehicles, it can be more difficult for a driver of a car or truck to see a motorcyclist until it is too late. Drunk drivers are another common cause of motorcycle accidents because their faculties are too impaired to observe their surroundings, including nearby motorcyclists.

Many motorcycle crashes happen at intersections where a distracted or intoxicated driver fails to yield the right-of-way. Also, poor visibility or hazardous road conditions can also lead to accidents when motorists fail to adjust their speed and driving patterns accordingly. These are only a few examples of how motorcyclists can be injured due to motorist negligence.

Assert Your Legal Right to Compensation

A motorcycle accident attorney in the Downey area can help a victim bring a personal injury lawsuit against a careless driver to recover compensation for his or her injuries. In this lawsuit, the plaintiff's lawyer must show that the driver failed to use appropriate care and skill behind the wheel, similar to how a reasonably prudent driver would have acted when faced with the same situation. This includes refraining from distracted driving activities, driving appropriately for the roadway conditions, and obeying all California traffic laws.

After demonstrating how the defendant failed to use due care, you must prove that this careless conduct was the direct cause of your injuries. In other words, your Downey motorcycle accident attorney will need to gather and present evidence that shows that you would not have been injured if the defendant had used the proper care. The crash also must have been foreseeable under the circumstances. After establishing this causal connection, the remaining task involves proving the amount of damages that you are entitled to receive from the defendant. Some common categories of damages that an injured motorcycle rider can recover include past and estimated future medical expenses, lost wages, lost earning capacity, and pain and suffering. Family members of a rider who was killed in a fatal accident can bring a wrongful death claim to pursue compensation for their loss.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a Motorcycle Crash Lawyer

Whether your injuries are moderate or severe, you deserve experienced and responsive legal counsel to help you fight for compensation from a careless driver. We have assisted motorcycle accident victims throughout the Los Angeles region, including in Long Beach, Downey, Manhattan Beach, Gardena, Hawthorne, Inglewood, Lakewood, Monrovia, Pacoima, Pico Rivera, Redondo Beach, South Gate, Van Nuys, Whittier. Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Orange, Santa Ana, Moreno Valley, Riverside, Rancho Cucamonga, San Bernardino, and other areas of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties. We understand how daunting this process can seem, especially when you are also coping with painful injuries and the stress of the accident. We offer a free consultation to help victims of motorcycle and bicycle accidents learn more about how we can help. Call us at 213-455-4050 or contact us online to schedule your appointment with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Downey.

Client Reviews
I contacted The Omofoma Law Firm looking for some legal advice and was incredibly pleased with what I found. Ese was very responsive, empathetic and understanding. He was able to give me clear advice about my options in a way that was easy for me to digest and understand. Ese was very knowledgable but also able to communicate that knowledge to me in a way that was easy for me to comprehend. I would definitely recommend The Omofoma Law Firm. J.M.
I can surely tell you that Mr. Omofoma is one of the best lawyers in the state. He always worries to solve any situation for his clients. In my case he was professional and efficient. If something came in the manner; Less than 24 hours he got the knowledge, the plan and the solution to overcome any situation. In this matter choosing the best lawyer means everything. J.F.
Superb firm that takes immediate and proactive action in your case. Highly professional, attention to detail, takes the time to explain the process, works hard for a positive and best possible outcome. Ese Omofoma creates a place of safety in what can be an overwhelming situation and scary system. Thank you Ese Omofoma, not just for your outstanding professional expertise and help in navigating the legal system but for your kindness and understanding. Incredibly grateful! P.W.
What a great experience. I was attacked by a dog and found it very hard to find a firm willing to take my case. Omofoma Law, not only took my case right away but I worked directly with Ese, the head of the firm, instead of always dealing with the secretary. The insurance companies would have walked all over me but thanks to the help from Omofoma Law I was able to walk away from the ordeal having all of my medical expenses taken care of as well as a nice settlement. Nik R.
The OMOFOMA Law Firm is Top Notch! Ese is a great Lawyer very easy to talk to and as smart as they come! My wife and I have used his services twice now and both cases resulted in complete success. I really appreciate the way he always kept us in the loop of things and always informed us immediately of any updates or changes. I will definitely use his services again in the future if needed and I definitely recommend The OMOFOMA LAW FIRM!!! Eric M.